Frequently asked questions

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Artist Endorsements
If you have questions about our artist roster or you think you are up for it with Eich Amplification, you can send us your resume to our E-Mail
Please include all necessarily videos, links to Social Media and a full bio of your musical career and what you want to achieve.

All Eich Amps run on 4 or 8 Ohm. You can download the manual on the bottom of every amp page.
Only the T-1000/TR-900 runs on 2 Ohm using channel A and B.

All Eich amps can be used without using a cabinet. When there isn’t a cabinet connected you can use your amp to rehearse and use the Phone out connection. This is safe and will not harm your power amp.

All our cabinets are available in 4 or 8 Ohm.
Usage of 2 pcs 4 Ohm cabinets results in 2 Ohm.
Usage of 2 pcs 8 Ohm cabinets results in 4 Ohm.
Usage of 1 piece 4 Ohm and 1 piece 8 Ohm cabinet results in 2,67 Ohm.
If you want to run a 4 and an 8 Ohm cabinet through a T-300,T-500 or a T-900 this it is not possible, only 2 cabinets from 8 Ohm or 1 cabinet in 4 Ohm.

You can use a Bass Board and a cabinet with one amp as long as they are both 8 Ohm.
We suggest to use the T-1000 with a Bass Board and any Eich cabinet. If you only want to use the Bass Board we recommend to use at least the T-500 amp, more fun for yourself!

Whatever your setup is, always make sure that the speaker cables are as long as necessary but as short as possible, using heavy gauge cable (we recommend at least 2 x 2.5 mm2)

You can’t use an instrument cable to connect between the amp and a cabinet.

If you have an issue with your gear try to find out what the actual problem is by removing all other signals in your setup and only use a bass connected to the Input signal to find the actual problem.

The red CLIP LED helps you adjust the input sensitivity of all the T - preamps so that the signal from your instrument best matches the preamp’s internal operating level. Turn up the GAIN control while you hit the strings of your bass hard until the CLIP LED starts flashing.
Now back up the GAIN control a bit until the LED goes off. The flashing CLIP LED tells you that the input stage of the preamp is clipping somewhere and that you should either turn down the GAIN control (or engage the -10function, only on the T-1000/TR500/TR900). Keep in mind that excessive use of the LO control and BASS BOOST will raise the internal level and thus make the CLIP LED come on much earlier.

You can download the manuals of all Eich Amps models on the model page at the bottom of the page. They are available in German and English. A New screen will pop up for download.

When using the Mute button the Line In signal is not muted.

When you use the Pre DI knob setting:
This means that you bypass the Taste Knob, all the EQ setting and effects loop to the DI XLR output.

When you use the Post DI knob setting (LED is ON):
All audio signal including Taste, EQ setting and effects loop will be send out to the DI XLR output.

If you have problems with your gear contact your local dealer or send us an E-Mail.