Eich DBC400R


All drummers, bassists, keyboardists and music lovers who work with the "in-ear system" know the problem: not enough low end, missing sub-bass and the resulting lack of control.

The DBC400R is the ideal subwoofer seat for stage, studio, rehearsal room or at home. a TS300 transducer pushes the bass into your body. A great experience that many professionals no longer want to do without. Nowhere is the feeling for music transmitted more intensely. Thanks to the additional adjustable "phone" output and the vibration-free mounting of the seat, you can still enjoy music or practice late at night without disturbing anyone.

The DBC400R can be connected to the specially developed TB250 . In this combination you get a self-sufficient system that adapts to all circumstances. Another possibility is the connection to an amplifier at the loudspeaker output. (available from mid 2023)

Have a Seat!

  • unique "low end" feeling
  • No hearing impairment
  • No background noise
  • Excellent transient response
  • High dynamic reserves
  • »Phone Out«
  • Extremely flexible applications
  • Including Hardware
1x Neutrik Speakon-Combo- Socket Typ NLJ 2 MD-V
Power handling:
300 Watt/ 4 Ohm
Headphone output:
3,5mm Stereo Jack
Headphone impedance:
16-120 ohms x2
Dimensions (h x d):
54-74 x 40 cm / 21,26- 29,13” x 15,74”
9,0 Kg / 19,80 lb
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