A song really first starts when the bass enters..."
Most people feel that the lower frequencies are not just perceived with the ears but rather felt with the whole body. 
They first make a piece complete and breathe life into the song.

Intuitive orchestration

As musicians we prefer to think less about technology but instead to just plug in and bring the good feelings of our own playing across on the stage. EICH delivers the general requirements for this. Consistent and innovative, we smooth the way to the world of deep sounds.
For more than a quarter of a century, EICH have immersed themselves in the world of deep tones: we analyze, harmonize and perfect your sound. We continually work on the optimization and development of our products and create new practical-orientated solutions. The close collaboration with professional musicians ensures necessary feedback, which is required to optimally adjust sound experiences and handling to bassist's requirements. Precision German work at an international level.





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