Bass&Beat presented by Gergo Borlai and Eich!

By PP - 16-03-2017

Gergo Borlai & Eich Amps presents Bass&Beat Pt1

4 different beats to choose from and 1 you may post! 
Gergo Borlai made 4 drum grooves for us bass players.
4 drum grooves where a bassline is needed! (of course you may use all 4..;) )

We have the beats ready at or you can check our own Instagram page

Beat 1: BPM90

Beat 2: BPM100​

Beat 3: BPM110

Beat 4: BPM123

Choose one of them and repost it with your bass line added and then post it with your gear and tag us on Instagram.

No challenge but only fun between all kinds of bassplayers!

Drumbeats are ready, now add those basslines!

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© copyright, composition and credits go to Gergo Borlai. 

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