NAMM with Co host Teye Guitars

By PP - 14-01-2017

We are almost @NAMM!

We are getting close to our very first NAMM show and we are ready for it!!! We premier at NAMM with our Bass amps but there is more...

Besides events such as Gruv Live and the Bass Bash Show with Federico we will also have some amps at several other booths for testing gear.

Gruv Gear Hall C #4190
Marleaux Hall C #4172
Mayones Hall D #2983
Sukop Basses Hall E #1483

TEYE GUITARS have been critically acclaimed as the most versatile solid bodies by guitar magazines in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to stunning cosmetics, Teye’s guitars excel in sustain and their analog Mojo circuitry will satisfy whoever looks for the soul of the Les Paul or the character of the Fender Strat.

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